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Brenda’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 08 Jul 2012

Location: Kigali, Rwanda


Today is the day of rest. Kigali seems to have only a quarter of the people that it had yesterday.
We walked up to an internet cafe where the internet was available so we just enjoyed the cafe part of it. After eating, we walked to another memorial where ten Belgian Soldier had been shot and killed. It is a small amount of people compared to the thousands at other places, but it was still as heart-breaking and disturbing as the others. I do not understand how much courage it must take for the people who show us around these memorial sites must have. It’s hard for me to talk about something a millionth of a percent as sad as what has happened here.
The walls have hundred of bullet and grenade holes where the men had been attacked. It’s so hard to describe what we saw in words that cannot fully explain emotion. Nobody deserves anything that terrible.
Sheena, Erin, Heiki and I went to a small market by our hostel. Instead of thousands of people being there like the first market we saw, there were only about 25 at this one. One man said he loved our long hair because his was long too, but his was all wrapped up. I spent a lot of money at that market but I don’t regret it.
For dinner we went to the hotel that was the hotel in the movie ‘Hotel Rwanda’ and it was much fancier than I’d like to admit.
Walking back to our hostel reminded me of why I was on a trip like this. Seeing a big group of kids begging for money and food was so heart-breaking. We could not help them all so we gave two of them food to hopefully share with the others, and then we just had to walk away. Nobody felt good about it and its hard to even think about.
Taking pictures here is harder than I expected. Some people get offended when someone takes their picture and some want money for them. I will take more in Tanzania of the schools and orphanage. I am still not feeling 100% but I’m so happy and thankful to experience this trip.