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Brenda’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 05 Jul 2012

Location: Kigali, Rwanda


The first view I saw of Africa when I looked out of the plane window was the beautiful sunrise. Leaving the airport and managing to lose only three suitcases, the five of us piled into two little white taxi cabs. These taxi cabs that stick on ‘Taxi’ roof signs and the back windows did not open. The first two people we see as we leave the airport are two men holding guns. ‘That’s a bit extreme for not paying your parking ticket’. The airport speed bumps are not bumps, but in fact speed squares and are not fun to go over while not wearing a seatbelt in a crowded, hot taxi.

It’s so weird to see the poverty mixed with modern day things like a child carrying two water buckets walking up a hill while a man in a suit with a cell phone is walking the other way. I quite enjoyed seeing the ‘Beauty Saloons’. There seems to be one on every corner.

I have loaded myself up with anti-nausea allergy pills, but nothing is making me feel better. Not even the ugly black wrist bands with plastic bumps on them that is meant to get rid of nausea…. Yea ok then. Right now we are staying in St.Famille’s hostel. Nobody gets to fight over who gets the bed with the best view of the TV. The best view we have is of three suitcases and an old sink.

So for today the only solid food I have had was 2 grapes that were too mushy for my liking.