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Brenda’s Travel Diary

Monday, 07 Nov 2011

Location: Penticton, Canada

MapA few words after returning home from Dr Glen Burgoyne.

I did have a wonderful time with the One Person Project in Kahama. I have been on several third world volunteer trips and this was one of the best. It is also good to be involved with a project with local roots so we can stay involved with the work here at home. Being involved with a small project is also good as you know directly where and to who the money and donations are going. Aside from the medical work I was involved in, which was interesting, the part I enjoyed most was helping to distribute the contents of the container. It is hard to imagine the amount of work that went into the obtaining, packaging, shipping and distributing all the contents of that container. What make's it worth the effort was the look on someome's face when they received a T-shirt or a quilt which we might take totally for granted. The medical work was good as I was involved in some teaching. The hospital does a pretty good job considering the limited resources they have. Most of the clincal work is done by clinical officers who have 3 years training. They are very committed however, and have a great desire to improve the level of patient care. They are very grateful for any help they receive. Because of their continued committment in this area, the One Person Project commands a great deal of respect among the govenment and medical officials in this area. This will make future projects easier as we will have their cooperation in any future projects which are planned. It was also great to be part of the One Person team in Kahama. We had a lot of fun aside from the work we were doing, even while sitting around in candle light with no power!! If any of you have a chance to join Brenda on a trip to Rwanda/Tanzania it is very rewarding. Glen Burgoyne