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Brenda’s Travel Diary

Monday, 03 Oct 2011

Location: Travel Day to Rwanda, Rwanda

MapMonday, October 3rd, 2011

Karen and I had a long, uneventful ride to Rwanda with no major problems. Wow!!! There was a bit of a hassle at the Rwanda side of the border with my entry visa. We were supposed to apply ahead of time, on-line and I had done that. With all of the power failures I hadnít had a chance to get it printed and then when we tried yesterday, I realized that Iíd forgot to fill in one line and it was rejected. We just wrote down the reference # and hoped for the best. They took a while to contemplate things, calling me into the office a few times and then asking me to leave again but finally approved it after reprimanding me for not doing it properly. We had to walk a long way from where we had to leave our Tanzanian bus to where we could board the other bus. It was hot which made hauling the suitcases and packs difficult.

After three more hours, we met Franklin and Jean-Claude who were picking us up in Kigali. We went out to spend the night with Franklinís family. Laura was so excited, waiting for us to come!! We played with the kids, went to the Red Lion for a beer and then sat around and visited after dinner. It was kind of ironic that after complaining about the poor power service in Tanzania, the power went out for most of the evening in Nyamata. It must be the bad luck of the mzungus!

I managed to figure out how to text Beki tonight and checked in to make sure everything was fine there. Zoe only has to wait three more days to wait for grandma and then she can come!! Karen and I will stay for two days in Nyamata. Tomorrow is Franklinís birthday so there is a celebration planned with some of the people I know from my other visits!

We will spend Wednesday night at a Ďreal hotelí in Kigali. Denise will come from Burundi to spend the day and night with us. Iím so excited to see her but also disappointed that Yves canít come.

Thursday evening I fly home!!