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Brenda’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 01 Oct 2011

Location: Kahama, Tanzania

MapSaturday, October 1st, 2011

Today is the day that we finally were able to go visit Danielís parents. For those of you who donít know Daniel, heís the young man who spent Christmas with my family. Daniel grew up in Kahama and after receiving a scholarship from Barrick Gold and going to school in Moshi, he was able to apply for a program that brought him to UBC.

Karen, Rob and I spent a wonderful afternoon visiting, eating, exchanging gifts and picture taking!!!! Afterwards Danielís mom said she was glad that Daniel has another mama in Canada.

Next we went to visit Daudiís family. Daudi is the young man who Daniel lined up to help us when needed. He was there to greet us as the bus pulled in to Kahama on that first day and also accompanied us to Moshi. I had three extra totes and saved some of the ones I made to give away, so we decided to give one to his family. Glen and Twyla accompanied us on the visit and we met Daudiís grandma, three sisters, neighbour and little brother. It is a great honour for people here to have mzungu visitors and they were very happy that we came to see them. The girls were thrilled with all of the new kitchen items from the tote!

Our plan for later tonight was to go to the new night club called Dimples. Glen and Twyla were opting out but Karen, Rob and I all decided to go with Dr Andrew, Athanis (one of medical officers), our friend Joseph. People donít go to the night club until 11:00 pm so we knew we had a late night ahead of us. This was my first African night club experience and it was a lot of fun. The clientele consisted of about 80% men so we were stared at by everyone. Luckily we came with our own group and the young men were very protective of us! As people drank more alcohol, some of them because a little more aggressive, even some of the women did. We finally decided to leave around 4:30 am and Iím sure we were the first to leave. Dr Andrew said people usually stay until the sun comes up!!!