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Brenda’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 27 Sep 2011

Location: MoshiéArusha, Tanzania

MapTuesday, September 27th, 2011

Karen left on her safari today and Daudi and I were picked up soon after by James. We went to visit the children at the Kindergarten again. Some were missing yesterday so we would meet the whole group today. The children were so excited to see us and I got great footage of them singing songs to us.

We headed back to the primary school next. The children from the school were all gathered in one room to say their goodbyes. A selected few got up and personally thanked us for the books and then the group sang for us. I donated $200 from Pat Wand to the orphanage which James promptly used it to buy food with. Thanks Pat!!! When I later said good-bye to James I thought, ``What an amazing man!``

After a quick bite to eat at Ibrah`s, we were driven to the bus stop to take the bus into Arusha. We shared one of those daladalas with half of the population of Moshi and got let out at the chaotic bus stop in Arusha. A mzungu with luggage is a target for all of the riffraff that hang out at the bus stop and surrounding areas. We were harassed as Daudi and I headed off in search of a safe place to stay.

We finally found a place that seemed a little seedy at first, as we were led off down an alley, but it turned out that other mzungus used this hotel also. We were told not to be out after dark so headed out to quickly purchase some food for the trip home tomorrow. Luckily the hotel had a little restaurant so we could catch a bite there without leaving. After 5 tries, I couldn’t pick something on the menu that they had so I just ordered what Daudi ordered. We headed to our rooms by 6:30 since there was nothing else to do. I’m optimistic that our trip tomorrow will be better than the one over here. It couldn’t possibly be worse!