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Brenda’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 22 Sep 2011

Location: Kahama, Tanzania

MapThursday, September 22rd, 2011

Today, we went out to the village to visit 11 of the children and give them their totes. I understand now that the totes probably weren’t a good idea for the WV kids. If they would’ve just come last year I think it might have been OK, but because of the delay, a mole hill turned in to a mountain!!! The people were fixated on these totes and it was talked about all of the time. It was a nightmare for John, the ADP coordinator as he was the one they came to, to complain and ask questions. Anyway, we’ll talk about this more when I get home.

The party at the ADP was great. I love spending time with the kids. We got lots of good pictures and had a good meal with them and their parents. After lunch, we were entertained by a group performing traditional dances for us. The drummers were good and the dancing was so interesting…different than the Rwandan dancing which is more erotic. At one point they brought out a box and pulled out a large snake which became part of the ritualistic dance. It would come quite close to some of us, and when it did, all of the children sitting around me would shriek and jump out of the way! Rob was brave enough to hold it and even let them wrap it around his neck!!!

After spending the better part of the day at the ADP, we headed over to visit the children at Faraja orphanage. We had to go later in the afternoon because most of them were in school.

Scholastica, the woman who runs Faraja told us a little more about how the group started. In 2005 WV held a workshop for women. They were told about the large amount of orphans living in their community and were encouraged to volunteer to support these vulnerable children. They formed a committee and went around and registered the children in the village. These kids were being looked after by relatives and neighbours but because people have a house full of their own kids, the orphans weren’t getting their needs met. In some homes, there were up to three orphans!

Scholastica and the women from the group each contributed 5000 TSH (about $3) to start and put in another 1000 TSH each time they meet. The grow vegetables to sell and also do some “catering” for extra money. (They did the meal at the WV party!)

They have 23 goats right now and will sell the young ones to pay for school fees for the kids. The goats were originally bought by the children at the Montessori School in Summerland over the past two years. Since they still don’t have enough to pay for everything the children need, they have rented out the small building that they normally use and are now forced to meet outside. They only had 30,000 TSH in the bank and school fees are due soon. I gave them 424,000 TSH which was a donation from Montessori school and Ursula S. from Summerland. The ladies were so grateful!!!

The children from Summerland Montessori had made the kids a book as well as given them two big barrels of supplies. We’d added a bunch of other items from the crate for the group. The kids loved the book Sheena; we got some great pictures of them all leaning in looking at the pictures while it was being read to them.

Karen and I held babies while Rob did the bubble magic with the kids!! The ladies gave us girls matching tangas and we all did some dancing. It was a great visit, as always, with these wonderful, generous ladies and the happy children!

We arrived back at the resthouse around 7pm to grab Glen and go out for a bite at Pineridge!! Joseph was off work, so when we needed to go home, we asked one of the girls to call us a taxi. She asked us to wait and after awhile we looked over and saw Joseph walking in! She had called him to take us home and he’d ridden his bike all the way over from his house just to do that. These people amaze me with their kindness and generosity!!