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Brenda’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 21 Sep 2011

Location: Kahama, Tanzania

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

I’m sitting here writing this by candle light as we have no power again tonight. We were told when we arrived that “in Tanzania electricity is a very big problem.” Apparently there isn’t enough to go around so they have blackout days every so often. We’re on our second one already this week. It seems like every trip I forget a few things and this time I have no matches or candles. I also seem to have misplaced my flashlight a few days back so was glad to see a few candles in the cupboard here.

Yesterday we met up with Joseph, who is a friend that works at the Pineridge (where we like to eat.) He said he would help us by negotiating a price for the Moshi trip. We would go the market to buy some food to have at the Resthouse and I also wanted to take him out for a bite to eat.

I met Joseph when the Pineridge first opened two trips ago. He’s such a great guy, always looking after us. When we’re ready to leave the Pineridge at night, he always insists on driving us home in the company truck, but tonight, there was no vehicle for this. We had noticed a young man sitting alone at the only other occupied table and later were told he was Joseph’s roommate. Joseph had asked him to come to walk us home.

Joseph’s family lives in a village far from here so he lives with a group of young men in town with another family. I’m a little unclear about the actual arrangement but he said there were twelve of them living there in total. We have more shirts and other gifts so we decided that we should put together some things for the group.

As for the bus, Joseph said that one of the “conductors” would come by yesterday at 5pm to look at the amount of boxes and give us a price. He never showed so at this point we still don’t have tickets for Sunday. It’s difficult because Dr Subi said he would help but he is already stretched to his limit. We don’t have a Franklin, Yves or Costa here to look after us here like we’ve had in Rwanda!! There are some things that you can’t really do on your own if you want to get a fair price. Hopefully we can get this figured out tomorrow before the WV visits take place!

Glen Burgoyne arrived last night. He’d flown into Mwanza and Dr Subi sent a vehicle up to pick him up. His luggage didn’t arrive with him so he’s washing his clothes in the sink like I had to. Out of the four of us, Karen is the only one who arrived with everything intact! Hopefully he’s get it soon!!!

We finished working in the container yesterday; everything is finally sorted. We’d grabbed our favourites from the work crew to help and they were happy to receive three shirts each, taken form the crate supply!!! As far as distribution goes, I’m unsure as to how this will go. I had wanted there to be some sort of committee in charge to ensure accountability as to who will receive the items. Dr Subi says this will happen and we will be having a meeting with representatives from the council. Everything is disorganized and time is slipping away as usual. We will do what we can and then have to rely on people here to make it happen.

I’m starting to feel better physically, thanks to some medication supplied by Karen and Glen. (Another thing I forgot!) I need to be more careful with the water I think. I thought that the locals drank it and I used it to rinse my toothbrush until I found out that it’s unsafe. They have to boil it first!

Today we’ll be visiting the first group of World Vision kids and also the Faraja Orphanage. It’ll be our first day in the villages so I’m really looking forward to it!!!!