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Brenda’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 20 Sep 2011

Location: Kahama, Tanzania

MapKaren here..... just in case you aren't reading my blog.... Another hot, dusty day in Kahama. Having a good time. Yesterday, we worked like dogs, in the crate unloading, organizing and re-loading it. We had about 10 guys working with us, so all together it was about 60 hours of work done in the heat of the day. But it felt great and went smoothly. yay! So did the immigration stuff we had to deal with... just two more official guestbooks to sign and one more storeroom to unload.
Today, we met with Joseph, our waiter from the restaurant, and he helped us negotiate some bus tickets to Moshi and the local market.... mmm dried fish, live chickens and mystery candy that has seeds inside it. He also helped me to buy some kanga... the sarong type wraps they wear here. They have slogans or sayings written on them, but I wanted to know what mine said because some of them say stuff about your husband or children... Joseph helped to translate and I picked some nice ones that say "Love from the heart", Let us remember only the good" and "Thanks be to God". :) We made our own food for dinner tonight, fresh avocados, tomatoes, egg salad, fruit and two bags of instant noodle soup for four people. Not complaining, it was good.
Tomorrow, we hope to finish up with the crate and possibly have a handing-over ceremony, complete with media and photo-ops. My 15 minutes of fame are running out quickly! Oh well, it's Africa... guess my 15 minutes are about an hour and a half here. :)
Thanks for the messages! Take care!! We are thinking of you, lots MJ!! Miss you.
kj Sep 20, 2011