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Brenda’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 15 Sep 2011

Location: Kigali, Rwanda

Wednesday, September 14th and Thursday September 15th, 2011

Wow, it’s tough keeping up on here. The last two days have flown by and we’re leaving for Kahama in the morning

Yesterday we spent an emotional few hours at the Memorial in Kigali where 250,000 are buried. The museum takes you through the events leading up to and through the genocide. This is my fifth time visiting and it doesn’t get any easier. While we were there a tour of dozens of Rwandans were passing through at the same time, many of them in tears. Looking at the exhibits and displays, hearing the recorded testimonials and then having these people there beside us created an especially emotionally-charged atmosphere.

We headed to the market next to purchase more items for One Person. We knew where it was this time and even had a name to tell our motorcycle drivers. We went back to visit the vendors in the basket area and spent about 1 ½ hours with them, bartering, taking pictures and laughing. It was so fun!!!!

Today, the day flew by with organizing our tickets to Kahama, arranging a cab, buying food, re-packing and deciding what to leave here with Franklin. That and going for a beer at Milles Collines!!! (We wanted to show Karen the hotel from the movie ‘Hotel Rwanda.’)

I’ll sign off here since the cab will pick us up at 4:40. We won’t be able to get organized communication-wise until Saturday so will log back on here then.
Chow for now……