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Brenda’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 09 Jun 2010

Location: Kigali, Rwanda


Yesterday morning was spent at the Bonded Broker where we had the chance to see the crate again but that's a far as it went. The process to get the crate to Muhanga involves alot of different paperwork and signatures, it has been quite the learning lesson for all of us and the next container will be much smoother.

During the afternoon we split up into two groups to get everything done we needed to get done before we leave. Brenda and Yves stuck around the Bonded Broker to get things sorted out and then Heiki, Richard and I took an hour long bus ride to Muhanga to see exactly where the crate is going once all the paperwork is finished. The GO office had been busy at work the previous 2 days to build a brick foundation for the container to be laid onto.

We also visited the Hospital in Muhanga where we dropped of 3 full bags of toys, notebooks, pencil crayons and miscellaneous items to give to some of the children suffering from illness. Some are orphans, some have AIDS, some have been there 3-5 years which was hard to hear. It was tough to see some of the children sick in beds, hooked up to different IV's but we were able to bring smiles to many of the children faces which made it worth it.

Brenda and Yves ended up arriving in Muhanga at around 4:45pm for our 5 o'clock meeting with Faustine, a very helpful nice man who works at the Muhanga Mayor's District Office who is going to help us sort some of the paperwork. To end the evening we had a nice dinner our last night at the hotel with Richard, Yves and Bievenue who all volunteer for the GO Office in Muhanga. They have been so helpful to us this entire trip, we really couldn't have done it without them.

Brenda will fill everyone in on more of the details when we get back. We are getting ready to catch our flights in an hour and begin our journey back home.