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Brenda’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Location: Tanzania


Well, we made it to Kahama in one piece! We got in fairly late as it was about a 9 hour drive by “mini-bus”. We had to transfer buses at the border of Rwanda and Tanzania. There, we filled in forms, purchased visas, and had our passports stamped. We also gave out our email to the immigration officers on the Tanzania side. Apparently, there are a lot of people that wanted our email addresses. Brenda said it was probably because they want to be connected to the Western world. Boniphace emailed me right away once he got my email to test it out.

We were escorted by two officers in our mini-bus part way to Kahama. The reason for this was because there were said to be bandits throughout the area and it was fairly dangerous. I felt a bit safer as they hopped in with their AK 47’s. (not machine guns as I first thought; then was corrected)

Once we arrived safe and sound, Brenda shared with us how she had seen one man, back at the border, with a bullet wound from his travels through the area. He was not so lucky. She didn’t want us to worry, so she thought she’d safe this information till we arrived at the guesthouse.

I headed off to bed fairly early as I knew tomorrow would be a busy day.