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Brenda’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 05 Jun 2010

Location: Kigali, Rwanda


Patience is Key

We are on day 21 here in Africa and nothing could have prepared me for the lessons learned on patience. Time is much different here than in Canada, things just take longer and there isn't much you can do about it; you must realize it's a different place, a different culture and it has it's good points and bad points.

Waiting 10 minutes just to get on your hotmail can be very frustrating at times because we are used to instant high speed internet. Waiting 2 hours for a meal sometimes can be frustrating when you are in a rush because we are used to service in 20 minutes. The whole ordeal with the shipping container and it taking so long can be very frustrating because all of us have worked so hard to get it to this point and we are literally probably 10 miles away from the container in Kigali and we can't see it, we can't open it yet.

Patience is key here and I realize you just have to slow things down a bit and not try to rush things, not try to force things and just learn to calm yourself down and not be in such a hurry - because if you don't it will be a very long and frustrating trip. A lot of people in Kigali and Kahama seem to be very happy and I believe one of the reasons is that they have this patience and live more in the moment and not so much in the future (as I tend to do at least!).

We have a lot to learn from this magnificent place

It's almost 10am right now so i am going to go down to the local restaurant with a great book and have lunch by noon (it will probably be faster than that but just in case :)