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Brenda’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 03 Jun 2010

Location: Kigali, Rwanda

MapThursday, June 3rd

After spending the night in our luxury hotel (luxury to us…) we were joined by our new ‘mzungu’ friend from the now infamous van trip, for an afternoon of shopping. We wanted to pick up as many items as we can for fundraising back home at our silent auctions.

Later, Heike had told us that she was speaking to someone who told her about an event taking place at one of the posh hotels in the city. It was to do with initiatives people have made in the areas of sustainable energy. I wanted to give Angela & Rylan some alone time’ before her flight so Andrew and I walked up to investigate. We walked around smooshing with the various people, gathering info about how to get invited. Because there was a press conference beginning, there were many cameras around in true ‘Forest Gump style’ someone even filmed us when we were talking to one of the award recipients. It was rumoured that Paul Kigame was attending the event. We eventually walked out of there with an invitation from some Germans and were told to meet them at the door to the ballroom. They reminded us that this was a formal affair and I was even told by someone else there to dress ‘swanky.’ I thought about my wardrobe of flip-flops, capris and wrinkled shirts thought “I don’t have swanky.” Andrew’s wardrobe also, consisted of shorts and t-shirts. I saw another opportunity to see Paul Kigame in person, fly out the window as we decided not to go.

I got back to hotel for the tearful good-bye to Angela….”I miss you already Angela!”
And thought I would try and check my emails and make a few more calls about the crate. I had met this guy from a shipping company the previous week and gave him a call. He was on his way out the door to catch a flight to Kampala but took the time to go back in his house and check things out on the internet. He called me back to say the crate had cleared the customs in Dar on May 23rd and was on its way here. He was so great to take the time to check for us and even asked me if there was anything I wanted him to pick up for me while he was in Kampala!!

I finally managed to get on the internet at the hotel and saw an email from Charles (Diamond Shipping in Dar) to say the crate arrived in Kigali this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yves and Heike came over for a dinner meeting to form our next action plan. Rylan had been feeling pretty under-the-weather for the past few days and had to go lay down. By the end of the meeting, I knew I wouldn’t be getting much sleep as I now had to write some letters and then meet Yves at the main bus stop at 6:45am to drive out to Muhanga and meet with the Mayor.