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Brenda’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 01 Jun 2010

Location: Tanzania

MapMambo vipi Everyone!

This is Catey here to give you a little run down of what Kahama has been like for me.

Kahama is a very beautiful dusty dirt road little city, where the people are friendly and the coca cola is cheap. (Only forty cents and it comes in a glass deluxe!) So far everyone on the trip has been getting along swimmingly and we all have our unique talents to contribute to The One Person Project. Here is my T.O.P.P. Team 2010 poem:

Allisha is hilarious

Terry is so swell

Rylan drinks Kilimanjaro

And Kahama’s hot as hell

Heiki wears capri’s

Angela’s so nice and sweet

Brenda’s got the contacts

That connect us to the African beat.

By: Catey Lewis

So, here in Kahama Terry, Allisha, and I have been busy painting a mural in the children’s ward at Kahama District Hospital. We have finished it today and it looks absolutely RADJ Dr. Subi saw it and was so so happy with it. He was beaming and couldn’t stop smiling for an hour. He then took me by the hand and showed me all the others places in the hospital he wishes to have more murals for the it looks like I have another year of work painting murals ahead of me hahah. Dr. Subi tells me it is so nice to have something pretty and interesting for the children to look at because it makes them curious and helps get their minds off being ill. The hospital is very drab and it is amazing what a difference such a little colourful painting makes!

The next couple days we are doing world vision sponsor child visits and then “Terrlisha”(thats Terry and Allisha) and I are off to Dar Es Salaam(capital of Tanzania) and Zanzibar islands to finish off our days here being dancing queens. Peace pipe!!!!! –Catey Lewis