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Brenda’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 01 Jun 2010

Location: Kahama, Tanzania

MapJune 1st

Another day of children’s visits which went great! I’ve know known many of the families for four years and they are always so happy to see me and the rest of the team.
When interviews were over, I left the others to play with the children, and I and my translator Mary, gathered a few women together around a table to visit. I started out by asking them what women in Tanzania talk about and they listed things like, their crops, their kids, their chores, etc, I joked with them that they must talk about ‘other’ things too and went on to tell them about us and the things us girls discuss. I had to censor some of it but they thoroughly enjoyed the whole conversation. More women came to join us and soon, I was answering questions about everything from prenatal care, childbirth, marriage, working outside the home and what our day looks like. They loved the stories about how the men share in the child rearing and daily household chores. (The men here never like these.) There was a lot of laughter and Swahili words of exclamation going on. It will be one of my most memorable parts of the trip.
After filling the gaps of the day with purchasing bus tickets, last-minute-packing, paying our WV bill, dropping off all of our left over toys and gifts at the hospital and orphanage, and picking up things we’d left behind, we dropped our desired menu off at the Pineridge for our evening meal. We knew that with our early departure, we wouldn’t have time to spend just sitting there waiting for our food. (It can take 3-4 hours since we’re quite often the only ones there and everything is made from scratch.) When you order the same item off the menu, what you’ll receive is the interpretation of the cook of the day. The other day we ordered a ‘clubhouse’ and it was a chopped up wiener and a layer of ‘hamburger’…that’s it. (We took a picture.) It was sometimes frustrating but always a fun experience dining at the Pineridge. The staff there and everywhere we go are absolutely wonderful. They are so accommodating and will do anything to please us.
We had our last meal together that night as Terry, Allisha and Catey head off to begin their adventures in Dar es Salaam, Rylan, Angela, Heike and I will head back to Rwanda. Sadly for us, Angela will be flying home on Thursday. Rylan, Heike and I will keep you posted on how our week unfolds.
I will post some PR blogs with more details from the rest of the team when they send them to me.