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Brenda’s Travel Diary

Friday, 28 May 2010

Location: Kahama, Tanzania

MapFriday, May 28th

After a bit of a slow start we all headed off begin our day; except Terry, who has been feeling a little under-the-weather for the past few days. Catey and Allisha set out on their quest to buy paint for the mural they’re going to be painting in the paediatric ward of the hospital. Heike went to meet Jackline to go tour some of the learning centres that work with special needs kids. Angela, Rylan and I set off to meet up with Dr Subi. When Rylan realized what they day would be, he elected to go back to the Rest house to work on his computer. Angela and I spent the day touring the new Health Centres in Bulungwa, Ushetu and Ulowa which are in another part of the District. There were seven of us in the vehicle but we were lucky enough to get good seats. As we were driving I told them that in Canada, we call these ‘goat trails’ and ‘ditches’, not roads. At one point, when we approached what looked like a small lake, everyone had to get out to investigate and then decide whether or not we might be able to drive through in without getting stuck. They even threw sticks in it to check the depth! We did make it through!!!!
It’s so encouraging seeing all the progress that’s been made in rural health care and exciting to know that some of these new facilities will be completed in the next few months. (There isn’t a lot of equipment to put in them but Dr Subi gave us his “wish list!”) Presently, many of the villagers live up to 40 kms from the nearest existing centres and women are dying because they cannot get caesarean sections.
By the time Angela & I got back (7pm), the rest of the crew had already headed out for the restaurant. Dr Subi insisted on coming back to pick us up and to drop us off at the Pineridge Lodge as he keeps telling us, “Do not walk ANYWHERE at night, even in a group, it’s not SAFE!!!!!!” The others had pre-ordered our food, so it only arrived TWO hours after we did! We had invited five others and even managed to get everyone up to dance a bit!
We have a busy weekend ahead and then two days of visiting sponsored families before we our separate ways. Rylan, Heike and I have another week of work ahead of us in Rwanda.