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Brenda’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Location: Kahama, Tanzania

MapWednesday, May 26th

Our first day in Kahama was a very productive one. Well, for Heike not the rest of us; we all went to the bank to exchange money and had lunch. That was about it!!!!!!!! I think it’s hard for people back home to actually comprehend just how long things take here. Everything has to be discussed A LOT before any sort of plan is made and then it all gets discussed again. Heike, meanwhile, went with Jackline, the Department Head of Education, and checked out Teacher resource centres in the area.

It was a nice surprise to find out that there are two more new hotels with restaurants here.
I talked to one of the local ladies and she said she can’t understand why they were built when there are so few people who can actually afford to go out to eat. It works out great for us though; food is so cheap that we always eat at one of the new places rather than eating the local fare. These places stand out like a sore thumb in ‘downtown’ Kahama. We were sitting on a nice balcony eating at the New Mondo Hotel and right below us was a decrepit, mud house with children playing amongst the garbage in the back yard.
It took THREE hours to get our food and even then, we had to package up Angela’s and take it because they served it to her as we were getting ready to go.

This was the day that I blogged about Angela and I rushing back to use the internet, riding around the ghetto and the computers not working. The good news is that once we took out the battery, (which is fried) it works if it’s plugged in..

We’re all excited to get on with things tomorrow.