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Brenda’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Location: Canada


Those of you who know Brenda, know that she has a difficult relationship with computers at the best of times, but when it's the means of communication with family and friends it's extremely disappointing. We will still update you as we receive information from the Team or officials in Kahama.

Brenda’s blog is now at #4 of the most read travelogues on Planet Ranger! This means that people from around the world are finding out about One Person and the everyday struggles and joys experienced by villagers and organizations in Rwanda and Tanzania. To find out more, visit

BRENDA is the person who came up with the idea of one community helping another community to become self-sustaining, and in 2006 a group of us formed The One Person Project, which now has members from across B.C and has followers around the globe.

This is Brenda’s fourth self-funded trip to east Africa. Her earlier trips can be found by scrolling back through the diary. (One Person Chair.)

RYLAN, is a dynamic young entrepreneur who is fulfilling his goal of helping to provide education to children in Africa to ensure a hopeful future. He is instrumental in creating libraries in the schools in our target areas. (One Person Vice Chair.)

ANGELA has been a key person in the One Person team for a couple of years now. Her energy, dedication and charm have drummed up a lot of support for our organization! (One Person Volunteer Coordinator)

CATEY is our One Person Youth Representative and has been involved in a number of international volunteer initiatives, including teaching English to students in Zanzibar in 2008.

HEIKE is a semi-retired teacher who has been communicating with the Head of Education in Kahama (Tanzania) and will now be meeting with her to identify teacher and student needs. As with our other members, Heike has had a long-time passion to help make a difference at home and overseas.

ALLISHA, an Okanagan UBC student and her partner Terry were not One Person members but found out about us and volunteered to donate their time (and funds!) to this trip, for which we, and the communities we support are extremely grateful!

TERRY is a pre-med student at the University of Alberta and is meeting with clinic and hospital staff and Doctors. (The Kahama Hospital has only one Doctor, and services an area of almost one million people!)