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Brenda’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Location: Kahama, Tanzania

MapHi All,
After a long, exhausting journey here yesterday and a late night, I got up early and spent hours sorting pictures and writing a long PR blog. I finally had the oportunity to get to a computer only to find out that the memory stick seemed to be corrupted...(Beki?) Angela and I hopped on some bikes (pedal taxis)and raced back to the Resthouse to try and retreive our info onto a different memory stick. Our pedal guys got lost/didn't understand and took us on a long ride through the Kahama Bronx which now cut into our limited time on the computer before the Catholic School internet closed. When we attempted to turn on our computers, neither of them would work, we've tried them here also and they still won't work. We're suspecting a virus maybe from the memory stick, which we boith used. I am VERY upset to say the least. EVERYTHING is on that laptop. Anyway...I only have time to send this quick note as the nuns are very punctual about their closing time!
I'm sorry about the lack of PR entires on this trip. It's been very difficult to keep on top of things this time. I forget how extremely frustrating everything can be and find myself wondering at times, why I'm here. Then I look around me at the beauty of these two countries and the wonderful, friendly, giving people I've met and I remember why.
I miss you all and am looking forward to a better day tomorrow.
We will spend the day with Dr Subi at the hospital.