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Brenda’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Location: Kigali, Rwanda


Well, today we headed off to Franklin's house in Neamata for a visit. It was about 40 min out of Kigali and a beautiful drive. It is beautiful here in Rwanda for the most part. The bus was cramped and hot as usual. Unfortunately, deodorant is fairly expensive here.

We arrived and Franklin was there to meet us at the bus stop. He took us for a short walk to his home where we visited for awhile and had a delicious lunch that his wife had prepared. She had cooked it on the fire out back. (rice, pasta, cooked bananas, corn meal, beef, and chips) It took her most of the afternoon to prepare. Absolutely fabulous Christine!

Afterwards, we visited Lowcaudia, the lady next store. She is 107 years old, I believe. We took lots of pictures of everyone including Franklin's daughter Laura. She is so cute! Brenda brought her a Barbie doll and she carried it everywhere. It was even a hit with the neighbourhood boys. Rylan played a bit of soccer with the boys, but unfortunately we had to go. He was having more fun than all of them put together I think!

Brenda, Rylan and myself took the bus back to St. Famille while the others went off to see the memorial at the Neamata Church. We then went to see Denise, Eve's sister at the boarding school. She is also a genocide survivor. Unfortunately, they would only let us see her for about 10 min, if that. They are extremely strict at the school. Brenda is hoping to go back on the 7th of June, as Denise is allowed a longer visit then. She is allowed longer visits on the first Sunday of every month. Denise lives there for 3 months before she can go home for 2 weeks off. I don't think my kids would like that!!! Well, I really hope the 7th works out for Brenda and Denise.

Tomorrow, we may head to an orphanage or hospital, but are unsure at this point as we are still looking into the whereabouts of our shipping container. We still have lots of work we can do and people we can talk to to find out what is needed here, but we are all hoping it will be here soon!

Bye for now,