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Brenda’s Travel Diary

Friday, 24 Apr 2009

Location: Arusha, Tanzania

MapHi Everyone. We arrived safely in Arusha tonight. I had composed a Planet Ranger entry to post here, but I can't use my laptop at this lodge and the old computer here doesn't even know what a memory stick is. I'm sure this is the same old one that was here at L'Oasis when I stayed here in 2006! I don't want to have to write the entry again so will post it first thing tomorrow from 'who -knows-where!' I have tried repeatedly to post pictures since the last ones but so far wasted a lot of time and did not have any luck. I'll try again tomorrow providing I can find a place that has reasonable rates. it takes about 40 minutes to upload a set.
(See how much I care about all of you!!)
Take care and thanks for the messages!!!!