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Brenda’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 08 Apr 2009

Location: Nyamata, Rwanda

MapJambo Everyone..
Sorry just a short note today as the lack of sleep is finally catching up to me. Everything takes so long with this unreliable African Internet that I have been up nightly to all hours. Last night, I was sitting on the bathroom floor, still typing at 1 am….the night before… 3am…... With some encouragement from Peter, I’ve decided that I should lighten the load a bit and Blog less.
Today us girls went out to Namata and visited five of the sponsored children. It was a great day; I love visiting the kids the most.
We visited little Gloria, who is sponsored by the Ranta family. Her father Charles, who’s deaf, lost his wife and his six children in the massacre at Nyamata Church, (which we’ll be visiting tomorrow.) What a great family…I think he would be another good candidate for the book Mark and Twilla. I have lots of exciting prospects there by the way…can’t wait to talk to you about it!!!
Wendy, all of your kids are great. I actually only personally visited Laetitia and Mignone. We had to split up to make things work, so Benigne and Evode were visited by some of the other girls. Mignone’s family was soo happy to see us..lotsa hugs there!!!! We saw your goats, they’re looking healthy and the family even has a young hefer now! We were just ready to leave when Mignone’s mom, Clarice, pulled out a big gourd of some freshly-made, warm, sorghum beer for us all to share. Mmmmmmmmmm. We all tried to keep a straight face while we sucked on the straw and exclaimed how delicious it was. Liz, our skim milk drinker, even had a go at it!!
Bad news about Benigne’s goats…apparently they were stolen while grazing too far from home.
Evode’s family was given a cow by the government (?) and apparently her dad’s still in prison (?)
Little Laetitia said that she wants to be a woman and have children when she grows up. Her family has been evicted and have to move in two months. Apparently they have some land but now need a house.
When we were finished the visits, we got dropped off in the embassy area to pick up a few things, price out some volleyball nets to take to Kahama and have one of our last good, North American-style meals before heading off to Tanzania on Friday. Our last day in Rwanda will be tomorrow. We’re heading back out to Nyamata to go to two genocide sites, a school and will be visiting Alice and the girls. We ran out of time today so had to change things up a bit. I’ll download a few pics and then head of to bed. Thanks again for the’s great to have messages from home when you’re missing everyone.