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Brenda’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 22 Mar 2009

Location: Penticton, BC, Canada

MapChapter Three of Brenda’s African Adventures begins soon when we fly out of Vancouver on April 1st. We’ll be flying to Kigali, Rwanda via Amsterdam & Nairobi arriving on April 3rd.
Wendy and MJ won’t be joining me this time and will be greatly missed.
I’d sent out an email last fall to various places in the Interior Health Region asking for interested people to contact me and among the respondents these five ladies have made the commitment to come. Pola is a nurse from Fernie, BC, Liz is a nurse from Kaslo, BC, Wanda is a nurse from Kelowna, BC, Val works in Microbiology in the lab at the Penticton Hospital and Heather is a student studying Third World Development at the University of Ottawa.
We will be visiting 5 sponsored children in Rwanda and 56 in Kahama, Tanzania, bringing greetings and gifts from their sponsor families here in the Okanagan. For some of these children, this will be our third meeting! We have money donated by various people and organizations and will be purchasing bikes, animals and other things for the Faraja Orphanage, the People Living With Aids Organization and various needy families in the area. We have sports equipment and uniforms for the schools and medical supplies for the hospital. Our nurses will be networking with health care professionals at the Kahama Hospital to better assess what the needs of the area are so they can advocate for them upon our return to Canada. We will be working on TOPP projects and laying the groundwork for the new library.
I will attempt to keep a daily account of our adventures as Internet access permits. Thanks to all of you who have supported us in the past and I hope that at least some of you will be making the journey with me some day!!!