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Brenda’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 17 Feb 2008

Location: Kahama, Tanzania

MapSunday 17th

Today, Sunday, was the first day that we didn’t have to get up and rush out of here so we spent the morning getting caught up on our computer work. We really needed the break as all three of us were feeling exhausted.
Detta, Simon’s (WV) wife, took us ‘downtown’ to do some souvenir shopping. We took a deep breath and headed into the market area. If any of you have been to a third world country then you probably know what I mean when I talk about the smell in there. Even though it’s outdoors, it’s so crowded with stalls and people that you feel like you can’t breath. There are flies everywhere and oozing trenches littered with garbage.
Detta helped us buy some beautiful fabric without having to pay the ‘mzungu’ price and we found a few other interesting things. It was very hot walking back carrying all of our bags so we took advantage of the ‘biaskeli teksi’s.’ We all hopped on the back of the bike taxis and were pedaled back to the Rest House. There was ‘hooting and hollering, from a lot of the people we rode by. It was fun and I’m sure the smoothest ride we’ve had along that road!
After we arrived back the Zone Manager from WV arrived to see us. We quickly tossed our wine bottle and ½ full glasses into the cupboard. After all it was the middle of the day on Sunday and we didn’t want the WV staff to think that we might have a ‘problem.’ He’d been ‘out of town’ since we’d arrived so driven in from Shinyanga (which was three hours away) just to meet us. The WV group here has been so amazing. Since the minute we arrived, they have accommodated us and made us feel so welcome.
We had been invited to visit Nesphory’s family and arrived to a huge spread of food. We thought that maybe he had alerted his wife to the fact that we appeared to be picky about what we ate so she made a bit of everything. We had an enjoyable visit and discussed the recent resignation of their Prime Minster and cabinet, (which has kept everyone glued to their static-y radios,) president Bush’s visit to Tanzania and the genocide in Rwanda. It is interesting to get their prospective on these things.
When we arrived back, Simon and Della popped over from next door, (we hid our wine glasses beside the couch this time.) We all sat around and showed them pictures of our families and of Canada and had some more interesting discussions. Monday would be our last full day but we’re hoping that it won’t be as long as the others….yeah right.