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Brenda’s Travel Diary

Friday, 15 Feb 2008

Location: Kahama, Tanzania

MapWendy's visits...

Mary – Megan’s
Mary is 6 years old and lives with her mother(Regina), step-father (Abraham) and sister (Elizabeth) who is 14 months old. The stepfather works away from home at the mill plant and is home everyday. She will start school at 7. This is primary one and only some children go to nursery school or kindergarten.
Mary’s best friend is Michael. They had no questions only thanks to Megan for her gifts and support…

Amosi – Carolyn’s
Amosi lives with his mother, father and sisters. They remember meeting Carolyn last year and were very happy to receive the pictures along with the gifts. We took pictures of Amosi with his new bike. This is the first bike in their family. It will help for fetching water 2 km away and going to the grinding machine. Amosi has a sister 3 Helena and Tatoo 13 who was at school at the time of this visit. Amosi is in kindergarten and loves football. His best friend is Peter. His chores are weeding. Mother was pregnant although they don’t acknowledge this. I was told this is only after “the water comes”…birth of the baby.