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Brenda’s Travel Diary

Monday, 17 Jul 2006

Location: Arusha, Tanzania

MapJambo Everyone!!!

I finally have access to a computer!!! Since I wrote to you last we were on a such gruelling schedule that I haven't been able to find a computer. I said good-bye to my WV group yesterday morning and booked in L'Oasis Lodge at 0930. My hut is up on poles and is right in the front center of the complex. I really like the place, it's just like I pictured it would be.
I planned on spending the day writing to everyone but the power was out so I couldn't use the computer. It was really upsetting because it was hard to say good-bye to everyone and face being alone after everything we'd been through. It began to pour and I sat in my hut trying to read. I felt so lonely that I decided to walk around and find someone to talk to. I ended up totally falling apart and spent a lot of the day crying in my room. I got my tickets together and was planning on trying to get to a computer so I could change my tickets to come home. I couldn't pull myself togther enough to go anywhere. One of the times that I ventured out, a couple of English guys started to talk to me. They were waiting to get picked up and taken to the airport. They asked me if I had any kids and I thought about Jackson and broke down again. It was so embarrassing but they were wonderful. They said they felt bad leaving me and wished they were staying to hang out and keep me company. They gave me their head lantern from their Mt Kilo climb, because there was still no power and it was going to be dark soon. (I had given mine away to my foster child's family.) Soon after that, I saw a girl who appeared to be travelling alone and asked her to sit with me. Julia is from England and has been volunteering in Africa for 4 months. She has until Friday to kill before she goes on some sort of trek to another country. We hung out and had dinner together. Claire, the manager that I had been e-mailing, joined us and we had a nice evening. I felt a lot better and was fine by the time I went to bed.
Joanna, my WV coordinater is still in town, so she joined us today. The gardener from L'Oasis and a couple of young guys took us on a hike all morning. We hinked to the top of a mountain and visited a Masai villiage on the way. The view from the top was amazing and we all had a great time laughing, singing and taking pictures of each other. I feel a lot better today. I think that everything that we'd seen and experienced in Rwanda just hit me yesterday. It was the first time I had some down time and was able to think about everything. I also really, really miss everybody and everything from Canada. The culture here is so different that it overwhelms you. Another thing that makes things difficult is the fact that you aren't free to go anywhere. This place is walled and their are Masai guards everywhere. You can't go for a walk unless you are accompanied; it's just not safe.
I'm going to send this off but I will log on later and write more about my time in Tanzania. We are having a bite to eat and then venturing into town. There are 3 of us today so we are feeling brave enough to take a taxi down to do some shopping. Hopefully the power will stay on for the rest of the day so I can use the computer later. It only just came on at noon. Take care everyone and thanks for the messages!!!! Kwa Heri......Brenda