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Brenda’s Travel Diary

Monday, 03 Jul 2006

Location: Kigali, Rwanda


Just a quick note...borrowed a laptop. Got to Rwanda today. What a busy, dirty, poverty stricken city Kigali is. It is strange to look around me and wonder if the people were from the Hutu tribe or were Tutsies. You don't know if they are survivers of the genocide or if they were the perpetratores. It really gives you a weird feeling. Very hard to describe it. We went to Hotel Milles Collines today and I walked around and took some pictures. It was very overwelming to be there. Tomorrow we are going to one of the two memorial sites that we will be visiting. I think I am experiencing a bit of real culture shock. I guess we'll be used to this after a few days of some hands on work with the people.
My World Vision crew is great...everyone is real nice. There is another alpha female here Steph, so I'll have to back down. I think she could take me. Anyway, gotta go...we are meeting some of the local staff at dinner tonight. The whole local Canadian World Vision office is all Rwandan and there are about 100 of them. That's just the Canadian office. There is also 6 other countries that have World Vison offices. what a big organization! Really...I do have to go.....Kwa Heri ........Brenda