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Brenda’s Travel Diary

Monday, 03 Jul 2006

Location: Niarobi, Kenya

MapJambo Everyone,

Got all the latest ,messages. It's so great to hear from you all. I miss everyone a lot. Thanks so much Beki for giving me all the dtails on Jarrett's grad. It sounds like everything was great. (I'm trying not to cry!!!)

I spent 12 hours in the airport here yesterday...met a dentist from London that I hung out with. She was volunteering here and had lots of good info for me. I found places to sleep and only got into trouble once for sleeping in the coffee shop.
I arrived in Arusha at 7:00 or so last night and met 5 of the other girls. Four of them were staying 2 to a room but I was given a cabin that was on the outskirts of the complex. It was a big place with lots of paths to get lost in (which I did.) It was so beautiful when you looked up. The horizon is huge and the stars are wonderful. There is no sound at all so it's kind of eerie after all the noise at the airports and in London. I was a little nervous about the 'bug factor' in my room but they assured me that it was sprayed. When I was getting ready for bed I saw a spider on the floor and I was sure there would be more! I put a towel under the door and slept with the light on. I couldn't sleep long...with all the time changes my body is so out of whack. We had to catch a flight this am to Kigali so here I am back at the airport in Nairobi for 4 hours. The good part is we got to fly over Mt. Kilimajaro again! It was quite a sight....the sun was shining on it both times we've flown by. I better go...will write again in Kigali....
.....maybe tonight or tomorrow 4 sure....Brenda