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Brenda’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 01 Jul 2006

Location: London, UK


I made it to London safe & sound after a few delays. In Toronto. I was told that I had missed my connecting flight to London. We had sat in our plane for two hours at the airport due to a thunder storm. They finally figured out that my plane was still there thank God, and then it was delayed another 3 hours.
I booked into my hotel and had quite a laugh when I saw my room. It has a single bed and when I set my suitcase on the floor, it touched the opposite wall. It is very hot and claustrophobic! I'm glad I only have to spend 1 night in it!
I saw the sights of London on foot since I couldn't figure out which bus to take. It's a beautiful place! I was just thinking of heading back to my hotel when I heard some country music playing across the street. I looked over and realized that I was at the Canadian Embassy and they were having this huge Canada Day party!! Everybody was just buying beer from a store and they gave you plastic cups to drink out of. I met a police officer who works with all the foreign dignitaries and he invited me to go to the party in the embassy. It was a lot of fun....I had a Canada sweatshirt on that I had bought at the airport so I fit right in with the theme. A lot of the people were from Canada and everyone was very friendly. The food was great and they always made sure you had a drink in your hand. I didn't stay too long because I was worried about finding my way back to the hotel. I didn't have a problem...the subway system here is good.
Today I'm just going to hang out in this part of town until I head to the airport. I was supposed to meet one of the other World Vision volunteers but her plane was delayed. It's not much fun walking around on my own.
I was thinking about you yesterday Jarrett. I hope your graduation celebration was everything you hoped it would be. Thanks Beki and Chuck, (& whoever else) for all your hard work. I miss you all lots...especially you Jackson....I can't wait to get home and snuggle with you! Talk to you all soon.......

Kwa Heri,