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Brenda’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 13 Jun 2006

Location: Summerland, Canada

Map"Jambo" everyone!!!

I thought I'd put my first entry in here now. I am letting everyone know that I will be using Planet Ranger on my trip and if you decided to check it out, you now have something to read. I will try and write as much as possible while on my journey. For now, I will give you my itinery so you will have an idea of where I will be going.

I leave Kelowna Airport on the morning of June 29th and fly to London, England. I arrive around 8:00am, Friday morning and don't fly out until 8:30pm Saturday night. I plan on leaving most of my luggage at the airport and taking the subway into London. I will be staying at the Edward Hotel just north of Kensington Park.
I don't have a lot of time in London but I plan to make the most of my day and a half.
I fly from there to Nairobi, Kenya and have a 12 hour layover. From there I have a short flight to Arusha, Tanzania, landing at 5:40pm. Here is where I'll meet my World Vision team. We will be spending the night in Arusha and will be flying out at 8:00am to Kigali, Rwanda. This is the city where Hotel Milles Collines is. (The hotel from the movie "Hotel Rwanda"). We will be staying in Kigali until July 12th and will be working south in the Nyamata area. We will be building a house for which part of our fee for the trip is paying for. Also we will be touring the area and seeing the World Vision projects that are on the go. We then fly back to Arusha, Tanzania and spend the night there. The next day we are flying to Mwanza and driving from there to Isagehe. We will be spending the night here. This is south of the Serengeti and is where we will be meeting all of the World Vision foster children on July 15th!!!! It's going to be a great day!! They are bringing all of the children that we, as a group, have got sponsored. I plan to take a lot of pictures that day!! Following the party, we will drive back to Mwanza and then fly back to Arusha. We will spend one more night togther as a group and then the rest of my team heads off on their safari. I will then be staying alone at a place called L'Oasis Lodge. (It has a website so you can see what it looks like.) I'm really looking forward to my five days there and I'm sure by that time a pombe (beer) will taste pretty good. I leave on Friday, July 21st and with great connections and a big time change, arrive home on Sat night.
I hope to have access to the internet periodically to give you updates of my trip. I know for sure there is internet at the hotels in Arusha and also in Kigali. I don't know how to put pictures on here but maybe I'll figure it out.
Bye for next message hopefully will be from London, England.

Kwa Heri! (Goodbye)