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Brian’s Travel Diary

Monday, 29 Jan 2007

Location: Kunming, China

MapKunming - all these cities are starting to feel like the same. Lots of people, big buildings, lots of new buildings, and coal induced smog. However, we finally found a nice hostel that has some very neat features, like no heat. Beau and I are so happy its now cold. Kunming has this lake park that is filled with seagulls. The seagulls line up in the NASCAR like formation and fly clockwise around the lake. Hundreds of people line the railings edge of this lake and hurl bread up into the air. Its like your worst nightmare at the beach. Vendors sell bread specfically for the purpose of feeding the birds. Its not exactly a tranquil experience hearing 10,000 seagulls in a dog fight for bread. So there's a bunch of birds flying past your head at mach 1, so what right? Well, the law of what goes up - must come down is very much alive. And, as an added bonus, it comes back down digested! Can you say bird flu? As added entertainment for the Chinese, not only did they want pictures of them with the birds (for only Y5) they wanted the red-bearded American in the pictures with them! Nothing easier to hit than a standing target. Luckily Chinese bids have bad accuracy - not like those Jersey rats with wings that never seem to miss me on the boardwalk.

Beau and I met up with a friend of a friend (Britt's), who took us out for some authentic Kunming cousine that was made with a black-skinned chicken. It's like a regular chicken but with black sking and a gamier taste. We both passed on eating the head, but I have a rule about food watching me eat it. Kunming has a Walmart! I bought Tang - now the water has an orangey-mettalic taste instead of just metallic.

18 hour train ride to Chengdu...Home of the Panda.