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Brian’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 21 Jan 2007

Location: Hong Kong, Hong Kong

MapI want to commend you all on your ability to procrastinate performing your real jobs and use this site as an excuse to avoid doing something your employer pays you to do. Why do something today if you can just do it tomorrow?

Im giving new meaning to travelling light. For the next 3 months I have brought the following:

4 Pair of underwear
4 Pair of socks
1 T-shirt
1-Long sleeve T-shirt
1 Pair thermals
1 Pair of pants
1 Pair rain gear pants
And a vest!

Thats it. But the point of all this gear is that I can wear it all at once and and be warm for zero degree weather. All tolled it only weighs 25lbs (including sleeping bag, electronics and 2 pounds of M&M’s). Obviously, Im geared up for cold weather and it will get cold, but its 70 degrees in Hong Kong, which makes things a bit sweaty in the undercarriage. Between the two of us we could brand our own “Peking Duck-Butter.” Needless to say colder weather will be a... warm welcome.

Public Service Annoucement: Don’t be alarmed but there is a new epidemic in Hong Kong. Beau and I must find a way to stop ‘Foot & Ass’ disease before it spreads too far. It would appear our hostel room is ground zero for this olfactory catastrophe. Symptoms include: Burning eyes, singed nostril hair, nausea, acute fainting, irritable roomates and ultimately - desolate solitude. Such problems can be avoided by having more than one t-shirt, fresh socks and regular bathing.

It will be sad to leave our $13 a night paradise hotel with hot water and flushing toilets. We only have one more day till we hit Macau for a day trip and then Guangzhou, Guangdong China where the real fun begins.