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Brian’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 20 Jan 2007

Location: Hong Kong, Hong Kong

MapWell it only took 24 hours for the LA premonition to prove itself true, which brings us to today’s word...SMOG! Where blue skies turn gray. It’s like a light soot over all your clothes. I long for the air purity of Los Angeles already. According to ol’Wiki Hong Kong air is one of the world’s most polluted, but Hong Kong is a very cool place. You would think that the geographical convenience to Kyoto would make for better environmental awareness.

We are using the Lonely Planet China as our main guide for Hong Kong. I won’t say its been worthless, but I don’t think any of the authors have actually been to Hong Kong. Im pretty sure they ‘toured’ Hong Kong from the internet. Some places simply don’t exist anymore. I guess its possible Beau and I are too stupid to read the maps, which certainly seems conceivable considering I am stupid enough to conciously leave Jennifer for another three months.

We stumbled upon a fresh food street market. It was like an outdoor butcher shop with a seafood department. It was mostly pork and duck hanging upside down and fish flopping around on tables. Well, that is they were flopping until the butcher put the knife in and then the guts came out. You can buy a whole dried duck for $60HKD (thats like $7.50). Most of our meals cost around $3 and we are left pretty full and so far the gut is holding on, but todays “pork and shrimps” dim sum is churning.