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Brian’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 24 Oct 2006

Location: Australia

MapJust so you know I have not given up on this thing. I have no money to make anymore trips here in Aussie so it would be pointless to tell you about my ordinary day. So anyway, I am on pace to graduate this December. My plan is to come home for 4 weeks and then travel to Hong Kong mid January with my friend Beau. The initial plan which is shaping up to be quite a trip is Hong Kong to Tibet for the Tibetan New Year in Lhasa. Nothing like being in the Hymilayas in the middle of winter. Then we will make our way from Tibet to Beijing and take the Vodka Train to Ulaanbataar, Mongolia and hang out there for a little while. After that we are going to head on againto Irkutsk and Lake Bailkal - which is in Siberia - again no better time to see the coldest place in the world then in winter. From there we head on to Moscow and St. Pete. After that we are heading to Norway for some ice fishing. From there... who knows. It depends on how much money I have left. But once I get all the visas squared away Ill put in some dates and cities, but for the most part this trip is just flying by the seat of our pants. Sometimes the best plan is to have no plan and travel light.