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Travel Web Pages - Record your travels with words and pictures

Planet Ranger Travel Pages are the best way to keep family and friends up to date on your travels. There is nothing complicated about creating a page, and you can use any internet café to add diary entries and photos. At the end of your trip you are left with a great record of your travels. You can use any of the features, or only one if you like. Planet Ranger comes in two classes, basic and First Class. Basic is free, and First Class is not far from it.

Basic Features - Free

Our basic pages are free, for the serious budget traveller. All we ask is that you abide by our terms and conditions. We still want to hear and see people’s experiences which is why we offer this service for free. Of course there are limits. You have to leave some room for everyone else! We think you’ll find there is more than enough here for you to have a great page.

Travel Diary - Tell people about your travels as they happen

Wherever and whenever you like, you can sit down and type. Say what you’ve been up to, how you feel - anything. Ideal for a rainy afternoon. Your most recent journal entries appear on your main page, and all of your entries are accessible for people to read.
To learn more about the Travel Diary feature of our Travel Pages click here.

Photos - better than any postcard

If you have a digital camera or photos on CD you can upload them to your page. We’ll resize them and you can easily use the site to rotate them if needed. You can add comments or leave them blank. It’s easy to do and easy for people to see.
To learn more about the Photo Page feature of our Travel Pages click here.

Messages - everyone can join in

Your friends and family can leave comments for you on your travel page, which you can choose to answer or just post as is. Just watch out for those jealous types! You will surely be having more fun than them.
To lean more about the Messages feature of our Travel Pages click here.

Upgrade to First Class - From $1 per month

You don’t have to be rich to travel First Class with Planet Ranger. For as little as a dollar a month your travel page will be blessed with extra legroom for a whole year.

First Class Pricing - US Dollars
3 months $5
6 months $8
12 months $12

You can upgrade a Basic Account to a First Class account at any time.

Huge Limits

With a Planet Ranger First Class account, your Planet Ranger page will be less restricted with a whopping allowance of 10,000 photos for your page, and 10,000 diary entries. That’s a lot of typing.


Sometimes a picture just can’t capture what you are experiencing. The atmosphere of a football match, the speed of the bus you wish you weren’t on. That’s when a bit of video can help. With a first class account, you can upload up to 30MB of video to give people a little taste of life on the road.

Save Your Page

With a First Class account, when you are done travelling, you can download a copy of your entire travel page to your own computer and view it at any time in a web browser. It makes a great momento of your trip.

No More Advertising

Your page is your page in First Class, we won’t stick any advertising on it anywhere. Just our logo at the top, to remind people of the address they need to type in to come and see you.

Future Features

Hey, it’s not beyond us to promise things we don’t have yet ... but we will one day. As we add new features to Planet Ranger, they will only be available to those travelling in First.

Common Questions

Sign Up Now
Sign Up Now

If you are about to go travelling, why not sign up for a page now? If you want to make a page from a trip you’ve already done, that’s possible too. Click the icon to the right to sign up for a free account.

How do people see my page?

Easy. You choose a nickname for example "nick" and then your friends, family, fans simply type in "" into their browser. All you have to do is tell them the address. If they are forgetful types they can use the Planet Ranger search to find your page.

What are the limits to the Basic account?

With our basic accounts, you will only be able to upload 500 photos and have 1000 diary entries. Most people find this is enough.

Will there be advertising on my page if I have the Basic account?

Yes. At the moment, there may be one banner advertisement at the top of your page. We will not allow pop-up advertising or any other annoying advertising. Nor will we allow advertisements that we consider distasteful or objectionable. In the future more advertising may appear on basic pages. We will always endeavour to make sure advertising does not take over your page.

Can anyone look at my page?

Yes. The whole point of Planet Ranger is to share your experiences. If however you'd prefer that only your friends and family look at your page then you can choose our "private" option. This means your page will never be featured on our main page, nor will it show up when people search for it. It will however be accessible by its address.

Can I start with a Basic account and then upgrade to First Class later?

Sure. Try doing that on a transatlantic flight. If you start to feel a little cramped with your basic account just log into your account and choose to upgrade.