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Saturday, 28 November 2009

Location: Corsica/Milano, Italy

Hi Everyone,

It's been a while, still travelling though. Have put up some pics of our recent trips to France/Italy. We left our camera at the airport in Corsica and someone took it so all our photos since then have been taken with my phone!



Saturday, 18 April 2009

Location: Egypt

Too much to write!!
Just one word so far to describe our Egypt holiday .... Exceptional

Monday, 02 February 2009

Location: Siberia, Russia

Ok so not literally Siberia, but it has been cold and now we have lots of white powder! Heavy snow was forecasted...and the bbc actually got it right! It is lovely to look out the window and see pretty snow! we went stomping through it this morning...It could be Narnia!

Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Location: Tunis, Tunisia

Tunisia photos (and comments) are up.

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Location: Berlin, Germany

Guten Tag!
back from Berlin...was pretty cool!
might add more later if we find the time...!

XX Narn & Kaaran

Sunday, 31 August 2008

Location: Nice, Cote D'Azur, France

We just got back from a week in Nice, and absolutely loved it! There was a lot to do...besides spending all day at the beach (which was very tempting!)...we tiki-toured north and south along the Cote D'Azur...everywhere was so beautiful and blue. We found it very fancy, with very wealthy people and shops and cars. We liked the vibe of Menton, which is one of the last towns before Italy, as it was more laid back and people didn't seem so rich! It also is known for its lemons...(it has a lemon festival in feb). we bought a bottle of citron liquer and of course a lemon magnet and had a citron tartlette for lunch!
The most memorable moment was getting up and going to the beach (a 2 min walk from our apartment in the old town) at 930am and having a swim. the cool clear blue water, no waves, no sand (I'm lovin pebbled beaches), the heat, the clear blue sky, the sunshine, no english being spoken.......all combine to make one of those few memories that make the cut onto your life highlight reel.

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Location: Split, Croatia

Get out your maps peeps! We just got back from a week of sailing (well cruising on a sail looking boat) up and down the Croatian coastline stopping at some beautiful places along the way. Enjoy the photos and we'll fill you in as we go along!

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Location: London, UK

check out for 17 june posts for my pics of rafa...I was inspired by brad (who sent his sydney mac store pics to mac blogs) to send in my pics to a tennis blog that I read...and they got published! even credited. they're pretty crap quality compared to the profesh stuff, but excited others get to see my rafa pics! enjoy!

Thursday, 29 May 2008

Location: Roma, Italy

What to say...what to say??

Roma is CRAZY.
Traffic rules and pedestrian rules are open to interpretation and driving in lanes is optional. as is parking in parking bays.
We can't calculate the miles we have clocked up the last few days...but there have been many and lots of sweat! it has topped 28+ 3 days straight with rain today.
I should start with Paris...but I'll write about that later...

Here's our brief schedule:
Saturday - Eurostar to paris and Jourdain to stay at Richard and Antonio's beautiful parisian apartment...courtyard and pretty plants/flowers! View of the Eiffel Tower from the park down the road.

Sunday - DAY ONE FRENCH OPEN! saw Rafa training, Lleyton, svetlana, david ferrer and others. Saw Serena, david nalbandian and andy murray play on suzanne lenglen court. Good weather!

Monday/Tuesday - Biked around Paris and went to the sewer museum. No need to explain that it STUNK. The museum exhibits were located right OVER the main sewer pipes to the Seine. The over night train from paris was FIVE AND A HALF HOURS LATE! I think it had something to do with a train on fire in front of us...but that was hear-say from an old french man who was our roomate in our carriage (and his wife is another story). Went for a walk around the hisoric centre and discovered st peters square...hopefully the pics will demonstrate how huge it is.

Wednesday - Saw the Pope and all his flag waving devotees. That was pretty cool to see and hear him speak (even though we couldn't understand him and stayed 5 mins)...TIVOLI! totally recommend Villa D'este and Hadrian's Villa. Soooo much to write about these two...will leave it to kaaran when he posts the pics. Villa D'este was my fav with 2000 fountains built in the late 1500's. BEAUTIFUL around every corner.

today - we got up early and lined up for the Vatican...only waited 30 mins for them to open...raced around in 1.5hrs...museums tend to look the same after awhile...but the sistene chapel was pretty cool. A walking tour of ancient rome took us from piazza navona to the amazing 1900 year old pantheon, which is still beautiful, to Capitalone Hill, the forum ruins, and the colosseum. Words and pictures cannot describe the sheer size and effort required to build such a thing. And yet they did it in 8 years and without a crane! we went to see a movie tonight, but the theatre was rudely taken over by a sex and the city promo...we thought it might have been the premier, but alas, no...our luck is not that good!

tomorrow we have to amuse ourselves all day as the flight is not until 9 or 10 pm...palatine hill and maybe some shopping might be in order if kaaran can be persuaded...!! the italians dress so nice...the clothes here are reasonably priced so there is no reason to look sloppy!!


Sunday, 11 May 2008

Location: London, England

oh mannn!
this weather is breath taking! we have waited so long for this!
All week we have had 20+ degree weather...scorching for this neck of the woods! we spent today with friends and thier friends having a picnic in the park...on primrose hill. It's quite nice because the majority of people in the park are couples or young people hanging out and reading or picnic-ing just like us. I was the only one in our group not in a bikini...hmmmm, i kinda draw the line at sun bathing in swimmers IF THERE IS NO WATER AROUND! guess that just the new zealander/aussie in me....!
Beautiful, beautiful long pastie white arms and legs!
Much love to our mama's for mother's day...XXX

Monday, 05 May 2008

Location: Greenwich, England


It's coming!
had a fab long weekend...friends over for a barbie christening saturday, I was a bit sick sunday, and monday we headed for southbank to a food market and french boulangerie for brekky. took the ferry east along the thames to greenwich and strolled through greenwich markets and greenwich park. so lovely and it seemed the WHOLE park was filled with people/families/children and summer dresses and bare legs! finally!
went to the observatory and looked around the meridian line, where time originates (Greenwich Mean Time). awesome views to canary wharf and the city. Check out the pics! an added bonus was discovering 'decathlon' a sports retailer by canada waters. So a good hour there we walked out with cheapo touch gears...too bad we could buy a hot step too.
3 more weeks until paris and rome, will be good to finally leave the country and do some more exploring.
love narn (&kaaran)

Friday, 25 April 2008

Location: Hyde Park Corner, London, UK

Got up before dawn for the ANZAC ceremony at the nz memorial on hyde park corner. rather large gathering with lots of people in suits and their (I assume) grandfather's medals.
crapola 'choir' from south australia..what kind of choir doesn't have a conductor?! there were about 40-50 of them and it sounded like 3 people bothered to sing. Ngati Ranana did a nice whakaria mai...and loved the bugle...even if he needed a warm up! Nice rememberance ceremony...93 years after they were killed at Gallipoli.
Good to member all who have fought for new zealand and gave their lives for our freedom.
Had ang and cam back for a huge we're at work and very sleepy!
much love, Narn & Kurrie XX

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Location: Birdcage walk, England

London Marathon!
watched the starts on tv (9am for women and 945 for men and the general public) then headed for the birdcage walk by Buckingham Palace to see if we could scab a place by the finish line...and we did! we survived a downpour to watch some of the best womens and mens runners in the world. They were still powering on at the same pace after 2 hours! amazing physical display of fitness and endurance...and i'm buggered after 10km! there was a really cool atmosphere with people like us on the sideline cheering people on...lots of runners had written their names on their shirts so spectators cheered them on by name. among some of the memorable runners was a banana, a few fred flintstones, men in tutu's and kilts, sonic the hedgehog, a cornish pastie, tarzan, batman and robin, scooby doo, a few 70's hippies with legit long beards, and of course, BORAT! how he managed to run 26 miles in a mankini without anything falling out is pretty impressive. Good vibes and happy people, some in hypothermic blankets, and most limping as we made our way home...
we missed the 101 year old man (he still works as a car shiner) and Gordon Ramsay, but maybe next year..!
Kaaran is making good progress for his marathon in june...we had a training run saturday morning...of course i'm no help as i barely make it 10km...but he seems to be progressing and is running for almost 2 hours. send him your well wishes and we'll keep ya posted on his progress!!
love narn&kurrie

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Location: London, UK

Here Snowflake!

this morning we wake up slowly...then kaaran bounds out of bed and pulls the blinds's snowing!! huge snowflakes are falling heavily and gusting around in the wind in the backyard.
so pretty! snow and sunshine seem to have the same affect on people here...smiles!
we're heading to the british museum today and hopefully Hampstead Heath tomorrow to see some spring flowers.
Happy Easter everyone!
Love Narn & Kaaran

Saturday, 01 March 2008

Location: London & Surrounds, England

Morning all,

we are just chilling on our couch...waiting for the dubai womens tennis final to come on (don't know who is playing)..watched a bit of the super 14 this morning too...a bit boring (highlanders and the aussie teams)...we don't get all the games on sky sports and kaaran is spewing he hasn't seen the hurricanes play yet!
we're loving the new tv and sky...we get to see lots of sports and cooking shows!
The big news is that we have been running since december..and now are clocking up 10km (6.25miles) each weekend, and 5km (3 mi) twice during the week...good stuff huh! kaaran is wanting to give a marathon a go...but i think i will just be the drinks girl!! 10km does me fine!
we went back to bath in feb for a day trip...we spent most of the time at the thermae spa...3 pools/saunas kept us busy and HOT while the wind was chilling outside! had a nice dinner at Aqua and headed home on the train (1.5 hrs). the next day we went to Chiselhurst caves, our friends recommended it as something cool to see close to London...apart from the greasy food (and a chicken burger that didn't come with lettuce, tomato or mayo)...the caves were pretty cool...and old (and apparently haunted). it was school holidays so we were herded with the kids through the caves carved out by the Druids, Romans, and Saxons. It was a pretty long cave system, with numbers all along the walls...locations of 3-tierd bunks where 15000 people lived during the war for 8p a week or something like that. It was used until the late 70's as nightclubs, where david bowie, jimi hendrix, the rolling stones etc played and partied...until the local residents complained about the noise.
we have had a geat feb...lots of sunshine....but still a little cold...already the hope of a HOT summer is building! Might be doing a road trip from st moritz (switzerland) to paris for a friend...of course will keep ya posted with pics if we get there!
Love narn&kaaran

Wednesday, 09 January 2008

Location: London, UK

Hi people,
hope you all are enjoying the sun if you are in aussie and nzl..we still have grey skies...but at least the frost and chill have calmed down!
we have booked flights and a sailing boat in croatia for july...and we have 12 friends (they're not all mine of course) booked as well, so should be a joyous occasion of sun and sea and friends! We have also booked an apartment in Nice on the Cote D'Azur in August. we're looking forward to the day trips on the (included) apartment scooter to monaco and st tropez!
we played 'ryan air roulette' last night...looking for a destination for our May holiday...we got a program from the internet to randomly pick a number between 1 and 100, then we scrolled down the list of destinations ryan air offers. so number 20 brought us Brindisi. WHERE?! (this is the roulette part of the game!)'s in Puglia in Italy...but flights were too looked up number 62 on easyjet...and it was london standstead!
not to be deterred, the next random number was 66...and on ryanair it was Szczecin. WHERE?!! it's in north western poland...and only GBP£15 each we might just be heading there! stay tuned!

Friday, 26 October 2007

Location: London, UK

just letting you all know I managed to obtain employment as a Financial Controller with LTB (Louise T Blouin) Holdings. The company is owned by a wealthy woman (Mrs LTB MacBain) and has several investments across Europe and the US. I start Monday 29th and am looking forward to getting back to work (esp the pay packet at the end of the month!!).
Love Me XX

Monday, 17 September 2007

Location: Honolulu Airport Hawaii, USA

hey friends and family!
we have left the Paki/Olsen family festivities on Maui (boo hoo) and are waiting a few hours for our direct flight hnl-ewr (newark new jersey). we're now starting our search for a flat of ou own in london...we're being efficient!!
We are well travelled and relaxed and looking forward to getting home.
MUCH MUCH love and laughs were had in Kihei, Maui...good times all around.
love and hugs, Mereana & Kaaran

Monday, 10 September 2007

Location: hawaii, US Territories

we're in beautiful Waikiki...have a beautiful hotel too...the Wyland, a block back from the beach so a 5 min walk to the waves and sand. We have a 'chill out' room where there are about 15 complimentary massage chairs, huge flat screen and xbox to play, free wireless, and a mac computer and printer for us to use too. and the pool and spa are cool, and ther are complimentary ice-blocks! nice touches huh!! really recommend this hotel!! Yesterday afternoon after check in, headed to the beach, and the heat was SEARING (as opposed to scorching in vegas)...we were there for about 5 mins and it was unbearable! we scoffed down a huge portion of teriyaki chicken, rice and salad, and a delish pineapple and strawberry frosty...then we were ready to swim!! hired an umbrella and deck chair and last about 1 minute before we had to get into the water! Lovely warm water...not as tropical as fiji, but not cold. The combination of heat, sun, blue water (not pristine clear, but freakin good enough!)...was just beautiful! made us so happy to be able to be doing what we're doing....travelling and enjoying ourselves. We left the beach very happy! we walked down to the man Waikiki beach, and it was chocka...even at 5pm! so we're heading back to our spot this morning...if we hire before 9am we get a us bargain hunters are there with bells on.
love and hugs,
Narn & Kurrie
PS how 'bout the world cup?!

Sunday, 09 September 2007

Location: los angeles airport, USA

Sitting in the airort lounge, trying REAL hard to ignore the loud americans who think we all want to hear their conversation. They are about 20m away but sound like they are shouting in my ear.
I can't wait o get out of LA, I didn't like it much...but kaaranseemed to take to it! too many crazy freeways and you need a car to get everywhere. We hired another car (after hiring from san jose to LA) as we were gonna catch the bus, but there are heaps of crazies that catch it, so we were a little scared and decided to fork out for a rental (only US $78 incl insurance for 2 days)...we were gonna pay $25 each for a one day hop-on-hop-off bus pass so it all evened out! Venice beach is a crap hole. we stayed in a hostel and it will be the last time! well, gotta go, we're watching the sth africa v samoa game in a sports bar...kaaran got the lady to put it on for us...laters.

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Location: New York, USA

heaidng to vegas tomorrow (9am wed 29th august)...kaaran is asleep in the room (i'm in a hallway sitting on a radiator almost hanging out the window to et free WiFi access!!)...have had a full-on BALL in new york...we really wanna come back with lots of money as things are sooooo cheap compared to the UK! the only things not cheap is internet access, postage (family...the presents were bloody expensive to send!!)
we were hoping to see Rafa today at the US Open, but he must be playing not a lot of players we wanted to see today. only Novak Djokovic, but we saw him we were happy with that! we had great games yesterday and saw jelena jankovic, justine henin, and roger federer. next year we will buy finals tix for roland garros to see rafa!!
anyway, i must go as battery is about to run out...and we need dinner! Flushing is packed with chinese and it's bulgogi for dinner! We had katsu don last was gross pork...but it was so yum to eat rice and japanese sauce rather than gross hot dogs (claiming to be 'all beef')!! have loved new york...even the grotty/normal suburbs most don't see as manhattan is the main destination!
ok, love to all, Narnis

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Location: St John's Wood, London, England

We went for a stroll around our neighbourhood and took some photos to show you guys some of the interesting sites near we live!

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From Bev and Col
mum has given me your ph no and I will be phoning you soon

lots love to you both xx
Response: Hi Aunty Bev,
Lovely to talk to you the other morning! We'll have some more photos up soon!
Love Kaaran and Mereana
From Marina busby
Hey guys,
Jus fort i'd pass thru to say yellow!!! & track ya travelling itinerary hahaha and dreamin about my travel plans hahaha @ da moment our travelling destinations is just moving from St Peters out of our leaky boat to mayb sum sunny green pastures wif a big backyard....which is looking grim @ da moment. Sunny & hotter days r finally arriving hea...Hip hip harray!! This must b the coldest winter we've had since we've bean in i can't w8 for summer...not dat any swim wear will do me any justice hahahaha. Well guys hope all is goody in ya hoody, not much news hea in Sydney same ole, same ole.. U both take care now & happy n safe travellin to ya both.

Much luv
Busby clan
Response: hi!! hey we saw a hotel called 'busby hotel' in Nice! I tried to stop biking and take a pic, but it was a busy one way street and a bus was up my crease! I thought you would appreciate a pic of it! ah time! thanks for stopping by and keepin in touch! love to the family XXX
From Liu
So u guys were in France on my birthday...I'm jealous and that's all I have 2 say!
Response: was an awesome trip!
From Michelle Curtin
Hi Mereana
found a piece of paper on my desk with your website address, so spent my lunch break looking at all your awesome photos. So jeolous! love the fringe too, your looking great. London is agreeing with you! sounds like you guys are certainly doing plenty of travelling. All good here up in Whangarei, can't remember when i last got in contact? I'm getting married next Feb, did i tell you that? starting to do some planning and having nightmares with the thought of it all! Work is good, team has grown now to 25, keeps me insane. no other news. just wanted to say hi.
Response: hi! i sent ya an email!
From bev and colvin
we both love reading your diary.congratulations on your marathon to you both.
Response: thanks...not sure if i'm gonna attempt another one! We'll have some more photos up in a couple of weeks, we're off to Croatia for some sailing. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you guys are well.
From Junelle
Hey sexies, do you guys eva sit still??? Massive photos of your current escapades. Big love to you both, j and the clanxxxx
Response: yes!! we have been sitting still in england for the past few months doing sights around England...definitely not as exciting as Rome! we're not sitting still for long...6 weeks and it's sailing in Croatia! woohoo! glad someone is reading our planet ranger and leaving a message...THANKS>>LOVE YA!!!! and loves to the family!!
From Jaedi -> Your Irish
ARRGHH!!! Am I jealous or what!!!

Living the dream much??


Well I'm glad you read the novel, I wouldn't want you thinking Muriwai is actually more exciting than it actually is and you missed out on all the fun..... or that your sister drives like a normal person... (cheek, I don't even have a license!!)


Speaking of novels though, there is more excitement in that week than most people have in a lifetime!!

Anywaez, I had to go to a ball and I had no idea what to do with my hair and I know you
understand just as well as I do that shock factor is everything (EVERYTHING!!) if your not going to look better than everyone you know... don't bother going!!! So I let some clever girl that wanted my fone number cut my hair for 50% the price at Jon Le Court!! WOO-WOO!! and it doesn't look TOO bad, but yes a couple more years and the hair tournament is ON like DONKEY-KONG!!

Anywaez, now that you have given me an invite (which you sooo cannot take back now) I will definietly have to save some more pingahs and get my butt over there, Ferry to Paris for lunch much??

And I'm proud that there is another member of this Toroa Clan that knows what a maxi dress even is!!

Anywaez, sounds like your having a wicked time over there, just don't let some faux-pas Italian Designer talk you into a Leather Jacket, take my word for it, They are on their way out!!!

Much Love to both of you'z!!

Xx Jaedi
Response: hahahahaha good to hear from you! i'll keep in mind your faux-pas italian designer advice...but a friend has just started working for valentino so if he has any leather jackets...i'm buying! hope to see you soon!
From Veronica
Hey guys! Sounds like you've had a busy week!!! Unforgettable really! (namely the stink smell at the sewer museum - phew!) Did you go for a dip in holy water at the vatican? I hear it contains healing properties!
The colosseum must have been unimaginably awesome! That's a definte 'MUST visit' on my future itinerary. Glad your weather is picking up... ours is falling and quite early in the season too. Looks like a cold one this year. I'm already getting rugged up in 3 layers and gloves up to my elbows to keep warm! haha - no water, no suit hey? give it a couple more years, you'll be one of them soon... ;). Luv ya's!
Response: yay!! someone finally left a message! I haven't had one in awhile! it's 3am and we just got in from the flight and trip home...just loaded the pics onto the computer...tomorrow we have to decide which ones to post...only a few from the hundred(s?) we took. Feels like I have had a great holiday/break...only 7 weeks until we get to go again. ahhh summer sunshine!
From Rachel
Hi, love the website, great photos of Belfast. I was there with my husband and children in Oct '07 doing some family history. I have family( Cowan) that lived at 114 Battenburg St, they left for the USA around 1923. Happy travelling.
Response: Hi, great to hear some more fmaily history! Did you eat in the the 'rose of sharon' restaurant around the corner from battenburg st?! that place (and grease) was awesome!
From Kilisitina
Guys, guys, guys...I had to go back to May07 read all the exciting news of your journey... my fault for not paying my last internet bill...hahaha. Ok I'm back on line again and have moved down to Margaret Street which is off John Street, off Alt Street...I I think of you guys everytime I'm on Alt Street...and seriously missing you both so, so, so much!!! Well you can always cruise over this way again. The sun has been kind and not too hot lately. I'm going to buy a map to put on my wall & pin every single place you have little travellers. Happy Anniversary by the way!!! Slack I am only remember it when I read Liu the Fob's message!!! We just celebrated our 6th on the 16/02/08 so I feel so old....Narn howz the new job and the pay check??? Kaaran are used to the travelling by now???. Well good on you guys, make the most of it. Life is about discoveries, experiences and lots and lots of fun...Kilisitina and Waka
Response: ohhh so you ahve moved into our old 'hood! yeah we remember margaret st. you know miss techno-savvy, you can get a google map online and pin the (online) tacks to that's cheaper! wow happy anniversary to you guys too...doesn't it feel like a looooong time?!!! :):):) kaaran sends you all a huge hello. my job sux, but of course i'll take the pay check...although that is not even worth it! oh well, there must be another adventre around the corner...! love you guys heeeeeaps! mwah!
From Marina busby
Hey ya jolly travellers, finally managed 2 have 'my time' alone on thee ole comp as everyone else keeps hogging it but anyhu 1 of me new yr resolution' fingy is 2 keep in da contacs wif friends & families hahaha...Hey cldn't miss karaan wif his Toro costume...shame da real bull ain't in da photo love 2 c dat one in action hahaha....anyhu mateys HAPPY NEW YRs & all da best for more travell'n & whateva plans 08 brings 4 ya both & as willie nelson sings 'Sail on down da line'
Keep on....keep n on hahaha

Lots of Aroha 2 ya both
Busby clan
Response: hahaha...better let you get back to your willie nelson...! Thanks for dropping by and saying to your family!!
From Louie Kingi
Kia ora Mereana,

Just clicked on your link from your bebo page and you are tumeke much alright. Travelling all over the world like its your playground! That is something I know a lot of people would love to do me included. Sounds like your really doing awesome and things look really bright for your future. Just dropped by to wish you a very belated Merry Christmas and a very late Happy New Year to you and your whanau and wish you all the best!!

Aroha Tino nui

Takingi Whanau

Louie, Florence, & Merania
Response: Hey louie! thanks for droping by...yep, we are having a ball over here and trying to cram in as much travel as we can (afford!)...great to see you are doing well too! love to flo and your new merania!
From Liu
Hey Toro, I mean Kaaran I jus got dat frm ya Rhonda fotos! I was finkin would u b checkin out dat crazy run wif da bulls dey have annually in Spain I fink! Anyways always cool 2 c wea & wat u guys been up 2. I love ur piece of paradise in Hawaii da best! Anyways while I'm havin a good nosey @ ur fotos Randy's weeding da kids garden outside. Da kids r suppose 2 b helping him but dey r arguin instead hmmm looks like I mite have 2 get off hea soon! Dats cool ur parents will b comin ova. Anyways beta go b4 some1 gets hurt! HAPPY NEW YEAR! love yas...xox
Response: oh ye faithful! i was hoping someone would notice kaaran's attire in those rhonda photos! we were dressed for the beach and had to buy shoes/gumboots and sox when rain interrupted our sightseeing! oh well, I won't turn down a chance for another pair of shoes! hey your kids can come do our garden! we had a fox rip up part of ours trying to jump our high fence...woke us up, thought someone was outside our window. but no such excitement. HAPPY NEW YEAR to the family, muchos love, the primes!
From Sisi = West Oz
Kia Ora Lil' cuz, havent seen each other since we were little, about "Scotts Ave" days, wow long time ago. good to see all your jet set pics, incl the one with my big sis Junelle. anyway just touching base, where are all the Aussie pics..hehe most of the Toroa's are here, so lots of places to lay your heads. take care you beautiful wahine :-) xx
Response: hi! has been a long time...but with the wonders of the internet and bebo our family still keeps in touch! aussie doesn't count as another doesn't make our travel pics!! hahaha

hope you are well...thanks for the email addy, will be sure to email ya and say hi! love narn (&kurrie)
From Meads
Hi there,
Gee wizz where do I start.Choice 2 hear from you,whatta buzz.Just been chqn out your page,awesome m8t.
1stly how long have you been in the U.K? I can't even 2 begin 2 imagine lyf in a city.That be a choice buzz.
As for me I got it pretty good.Two lil ladies now.Maia is 2 and Mihikorama is 2mths.They R cool,but there R so many days that suck 2.I love them 2 pieces and we R so lucky 2 have them.Not much else 2 tell,we livn on the coast in Kawhia,kinda couldn't imagine livn anywhere else.(Coast da Most)Sam's algud!We the local shearing cntractors had our lil biso for a yr and it sucks the kumara!Rite now I hate it wit a passion,but its a means 2 an end I guess just gotta work at it.Well it bloody beta get beta.
I love the idea of livn in a city.That be a buzz 4 me,neva really had the chance.Livn,partyn,working,
comitments,travel,schedules wow!crazy as it sounds but Id give it a go.
Im just coastn being a mum!
Um theres so much 2 talk about I buzzn but talk more soon.
Much LOVE 2 U both,
Response: hey I emailed you!
From mum dad
happy birthday kaaree waaree for 24 Sep. 32yrs is it? how'd the first week of kura go for ya? choice we hope. Like your new whare, looks like anough room for us 4 next years holiday aye! How R U Mereana? Hope all those interviews will turn to gold 4 ya? no sweat aye! well it loks like were off ta Australia to live next year with or near your sister and our moko. Yipee! but I woulld like to keep the house for an investment or for anyone of you guys for the same.Mum want to cut a new pathway then move to Napier to finally settle for our retirement. anyway alls well at home. mahi is fine. Your nephew Shiquan scored first league try on sat for Ngati Ruanui Trible league torny. He plays against Parramatta (Sydney) In N. Plym next sat for the elite team of Central Districts. There'l b scouts there so lets hope he gets a look in. Off ta shift work at 4pm this avo, monday. Doing painting, paving around front door. Looks really good son thanx to ya good work that christmas remember.
Okay c u love u bye for now
all our love 2 u and mereana.
Whats your new address etc.
keep safe. mum n' dad xxxooo
Response: 31 beauty!!
From Mapu
i would just like to thank you very much for coming over my cousins i love you both very much and it gave me so much joy that you two could share our special day with katie and i. I wish we could have had more time to talk about your travels but i know will be seeing each other again soon. i do miss the singing sessions very much, still dreaming about our big album he,he,he. anyway brother and sister, aloha , mahalo and a hui hau.
Response: the mic's waiting cuzzie! pleasure and honour to be with you seeing u soon!
From Liu
Hey I enjoyed your photos mainly the ones at san jose and Oahu, do you have anymore pics of Oahu? Now I can say I've been there. I stayed there for 2 months and loved it. I've been to L.A. and san jose so now I don't feel left out of your travels! Anyways you guys must be real pros now at da tourist thing and packing your luggage! Awesome travels and pics. Today I'm travelling to church hahaha! Well unless I'm travelling somewhere! I jus wanna say to I don't like pretzels & dat one in the photo was pretty scary. I'll let Randy know to have a nosey at your photos in NY at the b.ball games.
Love yas...xox
nope, no more (interesting) pics of we spent 2 days sitting on the beach looking at the ocean!
From mum dad
Hi kids, great ta ear alls goin' well an enjoyable. Great reading your advents and pics. is it a dweam or is it a screem yep da honeymoon is soon ova and time to work for the employer, tax man an da bank if ya gonna buy a house. At least ya can say ya been around da world for a time. Great you've had a great time. trave hm safely our loves. Love from all in Tarana ki ki dats short for Ohawe Beach, rocks, sand n' drift woodz. o k c u, luv u, bye mum dad
From Junelle
hey beautiful, just wanted to say again how cool it was to have you both over. Come back again, Moana misses you heaps, we all do. Keep smilin' and big love and hugs to you. Aroha, j
Response: THANK YOU MY LOVELY FAMILY!! hugs and kisses to you all...loved seeing everyone again! MWAH!
From Moeroa
Hey happy travellers!! Just sitting here envying your pictures of New York.. looks like you's are enjoying every single moment! It's warming up a little here, not quite bikini weather yet, but I'm sure we'll all be moaning when it's too hot here, meanwhile you guys are enjoying the sunshine over there.. anywho, just packing up the family, on our way up Hamilton to have a baby on Monday - yay, it's over with! haha, will keep ya posted.. I'm sure you'll hear the yelling from over there haha.. poor JEFF.. Take care you two, happy travels..

Loves.. Moe
Response: thinking of you today...and your new addition! loves, Mereana&Kaaran
From tarsh
well what can i say fullaz but....awesome. can't w8. luv it, luv it, luv it too.
From Whets
The reason the drinks slope inwards (i think) is so they can fit into the cup holders in cars. Older cars still have old skool cup holder size? i think dats why? Just saw the car parking and my mates from Tokoroa designed the upgraded version of that. Theyre selling it to all the rich az hotel chains e.g. Hilton, Marriot etc. Theyve got the Tokoroa version in Dubai, London and Aussie at the moment. Respect to Tok those maoriz ganna be rich.
Response: too much Maori!!
From hiki
hey you two....

finally managed to get round to checking out this thing... its freakin awesome...nice how is new york doing, are you still there and watching the tennis or killing time till you get to vegas...
(if your killing time, id love some new kicks or even some shorts...hey just putting it out there....)
anyway just to let you know we won the sheild from harbour on sat nite, you may allready know but it was a 52-7 hiding, (the highest score ever by a challenger) and canterbury comes to town sat actually got tickets for him and moose, but i get a corporate box with freebies included...(helps knowing some rich white people!!! hehehehe) anyway just had to explain to ma the empire state from the pics...i think she was more impressed with the car parking...anyway hope things are going good in new york and the muggers are friendly!!! and remeber you caint find the black queen its a scam...anyway take care..this is fun i'll have to check in more often!!!
lottsa love
Response: hey Hik! i just posted some descriptions for each of the pics...should help mum get interested!
From tarsh
where are we on the map at th mo?
Response: flushing, new york. the map wont load of north america...
heading to veags tomorrow morning