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Hi Everyone,

I've finally bought a digital camera, I thought it would be nice to set up a web page so you can have a nosey at the pics and see what I am up to. x

Photos - Click Below


a bit of everything

These photos are taken when Debbie and I were in Rotorua the main geo-thermal area. We then headed up to my Brothers in Whangarei via Auckland. The last few pics were taken back in the Roturua region where I spent a couple of days visiting family friends on their farm.


Getting brave in my old age!

Seeing as I have a fear of heights I don't think I have done too badly over the last couple of weeks.


Night out in Cairns

Here is a selection of photos from a night out, and yes i'm always wearing the same clothes i'm sick of the sight of them too!


Toby & Bindi's Wedding

On Saturday the 3rd of December my cousin Toby married his long term girlfriend Bindi (Belinda). It was a lovely day, much fun was had! It was particularly nice to meet up with far flung relatives.


Cape Tribulation

Debbie, Katia and I took a 2 day trip up to Cape Tribulation, which is about 2hrs north of Cairns. This is where the rainforest meets the reef. The scenery was stunning as you can see, we also met some furry and scaly friends along the way!


Magnetic Island

We stayed over night at Magnetic Island, whilst there we went for a walk to find wild Koalas. In the evening there was a 'Full Moon Party', I managed to stay up to see the sunrise. Unfortunately I have had a prob with my camera and could only retrieve a few photos taken at Magnetic Island, here they are.....


Random Photos

various pics


Whitsunday Islands Boat Trip

We took a 3 day trip around the Whitsunday Islands on a 50 something foot catamaran. Overnight we stayed at a resort on South Molle Island, we were sick of roughing it! The weather was scorching, and the scenery was amazing.

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Recent Messages

From Synnove Godeseth
Milly... Loving the photos!! Can't believe you're home this weekend! Very excited, call me as soon as you're home. Big hug x x x
Response: I can't beleive i'm home this weekend either, boo hoo! I'll give you a call when i'm back. xxxx
From Debbie
Hi my dear!
I hope you'll really have a blast of a week and that it tops off the hols on a real high!
Well I'm back home!I can't believe it at times!It hasn't hit me yet but I bet when it does it'll be like a bolt of lightening. It was great catching up with all my family and friends. haven't done anything on the jobs front yet,I'm a bit rusty on that,so long off the band wagon!Anyways have a mighty week and I'll speak to you soon when your back in England!
Take care,
Deb x
Response: Hello me dear,

I've just got back from sunning myself at Coogee, the last few days have been hot and sunny so i've been topping up the tan and frolicking in the big waves. Going home now to cook Jenny and her flatmates a farewell meal. Off to Singapore tomorrow and then home, boo hoo! Will call you when i'm back. xxxxx
From camilla
mothers day
Grandma louise,and family, Clenn were here for lunch. Adsam kept eating. Watched football! Much warmer raining. See you soon.
Response: Hi Dad,

Did you have too much wine with your lunch?
See you on Saturday!

From Anna

how are u what have u been

see u soon
Anna xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Response: Hello Anna,

I am in Sydney at the moment. Going to the beach today as it's nice and hot. May go in the sea if the waves aren't too big, got knocked over yesterday! Will see you, the boys and Mummy soon.

Lots of love xxxxx
From Lou
Hi honey, sounds like you are having the time of your life! Well get ready for reality back here in the cold. Can't wait to see you on the 5th April. Bet you are counting down the days xx
Response: Hey,

It's going to kill me going back to work, how will I cope? I hope there's plenty of coffee cos i'm gonna need it. I have to warn you that my brain cells have depleted since i've been away due to lack of use, i can only just about remember how to turn on a computer! AAAARRRRGGHHH. See you soon xxx
From Jenny
Hi Cam,

Well done, I remember you going up and down the train in the blue mountains and I'm really impressed with you doing the sky dive. Any way you'd have had to listen to your wan (i.e Debbie the dangerous) going on about it continuously and you'd have felt like you'd missed out if you hadn't. Really brave and really well done!

Sorry I didn't get to talk to you the other day, I was heading to a lecture. Take care and God Bless. I look forward to seeing you when you come back to Sydney!

Response: Hi Jenny,

Still can't beleive I did it, but very glad I did. I'll be back in Sydney on the 13th so I shall see you then. Will call you soon to sort something out.

Take care xxx
From Morag
Hi Camilla, Good to see you are enjoying yourselves. You are very brave to be jumping out of aeroplanes (I like the ground too much). Have fun!

Love Morag x
Response: Hi Morag,

I'm not usually that brave, I must have been having a funny 5minutes!

Take care
love Camilla x
From dad
cold and damp here. got an eroll flynn film on but with luck mum will get bored, and we will watch football. plenty of matches on!!
Took the dogs out last night honey had run off in a different direction so I let Rufus off thinking they would not know they were both free but they both met up somehow and had a little adventure. Do make the effort to see Bridgitte. Bob would take you white water rafting.
Response: I bet you got in trouble with Mum for the dogs running off!
Hopefully we will stay with Bridget even if it's for 1 night. White water rafting would be good, Debbie wants to do a skydive but I think i'm too scared!
From Amie Doddy
Hallo lady!
Beautiful pics. Say hey to debbie debbie for me! Am so glad that you are out and abot and continuing your journey like the trooper you are. NZ looks amazing, i wish i was there! But the UK had me callling... oh great. not. Tell you all about it soon no doubt! take care girl. and enjoy every minute! XX
Response: Hey,

It must feel pants being back, but knowing you i'm sure you're already thinking about your next trip! NZ is a lovely country, but the weather is not so great. Heading back to Oz for a couple of weeks on my way back, such a shame you won't be there. Take care and i'll send u a proper email soon. xxx
From Jenny
Dearest Cousin!,

Please try and keep out of the hospital! Debbie has had to sit in that waiting room a little too often for one holiday!

Take care and enjoy spinning around!

Response: Hi Jenny,

I will try, I didn't want to go in the first place!

We'll definitely enjoy our road trip. Hope to see you when i'm back in Oz. x
From Debbie
Well Camilla,
You brat!!Your lucky your in NZ cos I'm just after checking out your sight and you put possibly the worst photos of me looking worse for wear! You shouldn't do that to a girl when she's feeling a little sensitive! Wait til I get to New Zealand and I'm going to get some beauts of you Sidford !!
See you soon my dear!
Response: Hee hee, i'm sorry Deb but the one of you a little drunk and dancing was just too good not to use. You look fine in the rest me dear. Have a fantastic xmas and I look forward to seeing you in the NY!! x
From Mike
Hi There
Just a quick note to say Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday and Happy New Year, a bit early I know, but thought I should do it now before I forget. The web site is really good, love the pictures, shame you did not start it sooner. Have a great festive period and enjoy the rest of your adventure.

Take care
Response: Hi Mike,

Thanks very much for your message. I hope you also have a good Christmas and New Year!

Take care
From Morag
Hi Camilla, Glad to hear you have arrived safely in NZ. I am still recovering from the wedding celebrations. Say HI to everyone for me.
Response: Hi Morag,

I'm still recovering too! I'll email you again soon. x
From Alexis
Good photo's - you're turning into a real David Attenborough. Not long 'til you see your brother in NZ. The tan is looking good. We found out the baby is a girl, so if you hear any nice Australian names let me know. Not Sheila!
Response: Ooooh that's so exciting, i'm so pleased for you! How about Kylie?
Got to NZ last night, bit chillier than Oz i'm a bit worried the tan might fade.
Take care
From dawn
Oh my god luke has turned 17 and he has just had his first driving lesson,god i feel old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.he did very well and only hit the curb while parking out side home,dont think he will be borrowing my precious car just yet.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x
Response: Arrrggghhh tell him a late Happy Birthday from Auntie Camilla for me. Can't beleive he's 17, I feel old. Scary to think he'll be let loose on the roads, i'll be sure to stay away from Dorset for a while! xxxxx
From Diarmuid
Well Debbie how are you,
was just thinkin if your around Sydney on New Years Eve, Fatboy Slim is playing on Bondi Beach, although I dont think your into that bang bang music, but it shud be cool!
Its - 40 degrees here in Belmullet, ur not missin much, no ones pregnant or anything, hope your having a gud time,

Response: Hi Diarmuid,

Glad to hear no one is pregnant or anything like that!! Good to see you're still looking, now there's another one you can look at as i've set up my own - same but /debbiecorduff.

Bye for now - Debbie
From Dawn & Q
weather hot and sunny here, ha you missed an amazing November heatwave. Hung up the cossie to dry, had my pay doubled because the economy is doing so well and given a week off to go and swim with Dolphins. Tony Blair has just phoned to say he misses you, but he has a tax demand for you when you get home for enjoyment tax...x.x.x.x
Response: Hello Big Sister,
November heatwave? You wish. I think you're more likely to have hung up the sleigh and in Britain you'll be swimming with sewage rather than dolphins!
Anyway, off to lie in the sun for a couple of hours. xxxxx
From Mum& Dad
Liked the photos, bit of a chicken not to swim in front of the croc
Response: That's ok Dad you can come out here and show me how it's done. Wear your speedos that should scare him off!!
From Lou
Hi honey,

Your photos look fab - very jealous as it is bloody freezing here! Went to the Canaries a couple of weeks ago with Robert for business. It was really good and learnt loads.

Working on a panto for the cricket team - very funny!

Hope things are good - still not liking the tan!!!!

Love lou xxx
Response: Hi,

It's sooooo hot here in Cairns, hear it's a bit cold back home - ha ha!! off to the beach now to top up the tan.

Take care xxx
From Candice
Hi Mills, it's nice to see what your getting up to! It brings back memories - very jealous! You're looking really well! It's freezing here no chance of getting a tan! We're all missing you back in Tisbury! Love Cans xx
Response: Hi Cans,

Miss you lot too, but am having lots of fun out here. Will call you again soon. Take care xxxx
From Jose
Hey Camilla!!
Synnove just sent me this website... What can I say?? WOW! it all looks so... beautiful? Amazing? Incredible??? Im glad ur having such a good time... A big hug and hi from Wales to u. Enjoy ur time.
Response: Hi Jose,

Good to hear from you! I hope things are going well at Uni for you. I'm having a great time!

Take care x
From Justin and Beth
Love the site!! The pictures are Great!!
Response: Hey Guys,

Hope u r well! Just booked cruise to Whitsundays. take care x
From Jenny
Hi girls,

Glad to see you're having a good time! I've started work in Deniliquin in Southern NSW. All three schools here are amazing. They've got resources like you wouldn't believe!

Keep in touch

Response: Hey,

Glad it's working out! We'll see you at the wedding. x
From bex
hello you bloody geek! supprised to see no photos of bloody trains! a recent pic of my mills its so long since ive seen that ugly mug! only joking, it looks amazing! im so jealous, better go its half four in the morning and i can smell shit, AGAIN! missing you loads take care, bexster. ********************
Response: I have to explain that the reason Bex can smell sh*t is because she's a nurse and wipes arses for a living!! Only joking me dear. xxxxx
From Diana and Mick
I am glad you are both having a good time. Jenny is on her way South to Deniliquin to a school. That is all I know except she is driving her 'own' car. Shane is teaching on an Island in the centre of Japan. Iworked myself at Lismore near Byron Bay for a while. Love to you both
Response: We have just spoken to Jenny she sounds well, we'll see her again at Toby's wedding. Should be a good day.